Invictus Software Limited can offer wide variety of services for the development of your product.

Our team is formed of highly skilled individuals that will produce anything you can think of.



Mobile Development

Mobile Ddevelopment

Today, over 50% of web traffic is done over the smartphone and Invictus team is ready to design and develop mobile applications for all platforms.

While making website responsive is a must for all of our websites, in some cases it is better to a develop mobile application which will in return give better experience to your users.

Web Design

Web Design

Making your website appealing to the customers and users is of the biggest importance. It is the design that will catch their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer. Highly skilled team of graphic designers will provide you with unique design solution for your business.

System Administrator


Invictus offers you 'per need' or part-time System Administrator, therefore saving you money. System Administration can sometimes be extremely exhausting and it can require highly skilled approach, which we can offer.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

To complete the branding packages, our company offers world-class graphic design. Whether it is branding for a new business or re-branding for existing one, we will make sure that you get eye-catching design.

Besides branding, most of the business will require new marketing material from time to time. We are here to help you present new products and services to your audience!

Backend Development


Backend development is basically what is connecting server, application and database. It is 'behind the scenes' work that powers your dynamic website or application and provides better end-user experience. Its main function is to store and retrieve data from the database.

Fronend Development


Frontend development is what provides your end-users with visual feeling and enables them to interact with your website. Invictus uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring your design to life.

We will provide consistent front-end experience, regardless of what device your user are browsing from, making your website responsive.

Database Design


Database is the foundation of any dynamic website and application. Our software engineers will help you organise your data and ideas by creating relational database tailored to your needs.

Customer Support


Invictus prides itself in putting its customers' satisfaction at first place. We provide around the clock customer support, which means that your end-user experience will always be on highest level.

Regardless of the size of your business or your location, Inivctus will be able to provide you with best possible customer support.