How has Covid-19 outbreak impacted Invictus Softwares

June 25, 2020

Covid-19 has surprised us all and has affected some more than others. Invictus team has had to adapt to new way of life same as most of other people.


Given that Invictus team members are spread across the UK and Serbia we have been using online meeting solutions even before the outbreak, as they have proven to be better than face-to-face meetings by saving a lot of precious time. 


Software industry and especially website development has been hughly impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19. Given that most of our clients are small- and medium-sized business who have also been affected, we have had to pause some of our projects until the situation comes back to normal. 


While the situation in Serbia started to calm down, situation in the UK is still a little vague. Government of the UK has started easing the measures, but still has the mandatory quarantine for arriving passengers which prevents many potential clients from coming back home and working on improving their businesses in the UK.



Invictus team hopes that all of our clients and their families are in good health and that the world is soon going to go back to normal.